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Advancing & improving health through high level research

Providing the value of your innovation

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22 November 2023

SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell therapy for severe COVID-19: a randomized phase 1/2 trial

Latest News

11 November 2022

ISPOR 2022 Highlights

Econcare team presented in person five research posters during ISPOR Europe 2022 on topics related to health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). 

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to offer a full range of consulting and development services and to undertake innovative research projects, analyses and policy recommendations with an unyielding focus on quality to communicate the value and potential for products and services that fall under healthcare regulation and legislation.

Our focus is in four areas:

  • Health Economics & Outcomes Research;
  • Market Access, Commercial strategy & Implementation;
  • Modelling & Analytics;
  • Clinical Research/Clinical Development
    (phase I-IV & medical device programs);
  • Training, Up skilling and On-boarding.

Econcare is committed to advancing human health by delivering value and real outcomes.

We share the vision to drive healthcare forward and be a part of new achievements and innovations.


Health Economic & Outcomes Research

Our researchers have an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). These services include a wide variety of offerings across the product development continuum.

Market Access, Commercial Strategy & Implementation

We have the experience to develop a market access strategy that surpasses traditional marketing approaches. We can help you to  understand  the stakeholders’ and customers’ needs, to recognize the influencing factors and to evaluate the opportunities in local and global markets in order to protect and expand your product’s commercial success.

Modelling & Analytics

Our team can integrate information from product profiles, landscape assessments and stakeholder research in its forecasting and modelling engagements and  lead our clients to the right business decisions and strategic planning.

Clinical Research/Clinical Development (phase I-IV & medical device programs)

Our CRO team can support any clinical development program, from early phase to post-authorization studies, providing end-to-end project implementation

Training, Up-Skilling & On-Boarding

Our Team has the experience to deliver tailor-made targeted training programs across a broad range of health economic topics and disease areas. We design multi-dimensional programs covering specific needs related to the health care and life-science industry in order to increase productivity, reduce job quality issues, and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

Our Values

Professional and Technical Excellence

Providing Professional and Technical Excellence: is at the root of what we do. Our innovative thinking and our extensive and international experience help us to demonstrate service excellence by producing high quality, high value work, and delivering on time and on target results.


We demonstrate resilience by remaining flexible, adapting to sudden change, and bouncing back from difficult situations with grace and confidence.
We operate by a set of core values that make us who we are. Our values are built on the attributes of collaboration, accountability, trust, innovation and professional advancement for our people.

Honesty and integrity

We demonstrate honesty and integrity. All employees take personal responsibility for their standard of behavior and for the decisions they make.

Mutual respect

We believe that mutual respect cultivates a supportive workplace. Treating others with respect allows us to demonstrate the professionalism that is expected by co-workers and clients. Respect helps to facilitate and encourage a cooperative team environment and collaboration that is necessary to provide excellent service to our clients.